After so long ….. ~

Hi my blog,

I feel bad for neglected you. But hope you understand me. 🙂
After some times, my baking experience gradually getting back. Because I got to bake something for my family & friends. Sometime make people happy so that we can share the happiness is important 🙂

Genoise Sponge Cakes

This is Genoise Sponge Cake that i use 8 eggs to make. I make this for my husband’s sister daugther 🙂 I forget to take pictures AFTER. because I m late to send them cake. so everything is rushing. 🙂 But i decorated it with strawberry 🙂

Almond Cookies
This is so called ” Almond Cookies” that I bake for Chinese New Year 2011. This CNY i never bought any cookies. Some is friends gave, and i make some for myself and family. So next year I hope I manage to make some and no need to buy LOL 🙂

Pineapple Cookies
This is “Pineapple Tart Cookies ” I still have to fix something about this cookies. Even it finished fast, but I hope that next time I can cook the pineapple myself so that it will sugar less LOL 🙂
Chocolate Sponge Cakes

This Chocolate Sponge cake i simply rushing to bake for my son birthday. Eventhough I m sorry to tell that I got no confident and i store bought one small for him at the same time in case this one cannot be eaten LOL 🙂



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