About bcyl@dy

I love to write, draw, paint, travels, most importantly I cannot stay long for thing that make me boring.
I love books very much, I can buy the books from the title of it cover without reading inside. I love fictions. But I normally select business and self help book to fill my reading. And I only watch movies about people life, no horror movies for me because I’m scare to watch it alone.
I love to work. I have my own business. 
I have to temporary give up my busines and become stay at home mother with my lovely son.
I’m not good at doing housechores, but I won’t give up to try my best to work it out. Because I love clean and tidy house. This make me always super perfectionist for my thing. It kinda tired ~
I’m not a good mother, but I love my family and I’m gonna learn to change my bad thing and adapt myself to become good mother. Of course sometime I feel bad for not feeding my family well. But I force myself to learn to cook to provide nutrition food for them as possible.
I know it hard for me because I cannot stay persistance for the thing that make me boring, but I hope I can change and make it.

I get a blogs to keep tracks and write my inner self to do my best in my life and for my family. It’s a journey story to my life to become a success mother, wife and women.



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