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Mother’s Day Chocolate Love Shape Cake

This is the cake that I baked for my mom, specially for her to celebrate Mother’s Day. This 1st batch i bake the chocolate cake is sink at the middle. And I feel really bad. ~ so i baked again tomorrow early morning because at night I have to get the cake ready. 🙂

TADAH ~~~~!!!!! 2nd batch came out perfectly well. 🙂 oppsss … no time for decoration. So my cake ended up like ths ….. 🙂

Finished ~ phew …………. and

And I manage to take pictures of the last slice. I decorated the topping with chocolate fresh cream. Of course the fresh cream keep melting. Should learn n correct this. I already experience cream melting 3 times already 🙂


Baking need to put on hold for October.

yes, sorry to said that October 13, 2010 my father in law passed away. It totally effected me on everything from working to personal life. I’m trying very hard to get used of the day without his presence.
Even when i went to my in law house, i just feel really empty without him. Nobody complain about me. Nobody that I can talk my problems to.
Of course every words, pictures of his shadow, the way his walk into my house and nagging i will already remember. I miss him a lot.

Fondants Cupcakes

This is the first time I force to try out the fondants to the cupcakes I baked. And the results is this…..

Selamat Hari Raya Cupcakes

Selamat Hari Raya Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

For the birthday cupcakes, I regreted not do much. Because on that party, a lot of people dont get to try out my cakes 🙂 That why i do some more to give to them as a ‘thank u’ cupcakes .

July 2 Challenges : Meringues.

I try to make this thing. But it came out not so success. It too sticky and I cannot get it out to eat. I think mabe bcs i didnt grease the paper with butter ?????
Although it really taste good 🙂

I will do it again 🙂